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To bring a more consistent, stable vision experience to patients with astigmatism, ACUVUE® scientists were inspired to create the innovation, BLINK STABILIZED™ Design for Astigmatism.

This EYE-INSPIREDTM Innovation is based on a deep understanding of ocular anatomy and astigmatism, utilizing 4 symmetrical stabilization zones that work naturally with the eyelids and harness the power of the blink. 

For many patients with astigmatism, wearing contact lenses can present challenges to their vision—sometimes in even the simplest everyday tasks, such as lying down, activities that involve turning or tilting their head, or certain eye movements. This can result in temporary poor vision until their lenses “realign.” Because these vision challenges can occur at any time, it can be very frustrating for patients.

BLINK STABILIZED™ Design for Astigmatism addresses this need by helping to keep the lens in the correct position during head tilt, blinks, and eye movements. The mechanism also allows for quick orientation and stabilization within minutes of insertion.

Unlike traditional ballast-based lenses, BLINK STABILIZED™ Design for Astigmatism is minimally influenced by gravity. This innovation is found in every ACUVUE® lens for astigmatism—bringing your patients the consistent, clear, stable vision they deserve.
Every eye is different. We’re inspired by them all.