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Pupil Size Optimized


To meet the complex correction needs of patients with presbyopia, ACUVUE® scientists conducted extensive research to gain understanding of the natural variations in pupil sizes that occur as people age and across refractive error. The team then linked that information to how contact lenses for presbyopia are designed, and Pupil Optimized for Multifocal Vision was born. 

Thanks to this EYE-INSPIRED™ Innovation, ACUVUE® multifocal lenses are individually engineered across 61 distance powers and 3 ADD powers, providing a total of 183 unique optical designs. This closely matches a lens’s vision correction area to a patient’s pupil size with greater precision.

Other lens manufacturers offer only a few fixed optical designs. Pupil Optimized for Multifocal Vision, only from ACUVUE®, allows you to correct patients with much greater precision—helping meet the complex correction needs of presbyopia and bringing patients an exceptional multifocal lens experience.
Every eye is different. We’re inspired by them all.