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Everything you need to know about
ACUVUE® Multifocal contact lenses.

Identifying the Correct Prescription in 3 Simple Steps At least 94% of patients were successfully fit in two pairs of lenses or less across the portfolio.*1
Step 1 Watch Video
  • Avoid over-minusing by performing a red/green balance
  • Apply vertex correction and determine spherical equivalent (or, use the digital fitting calculator which will calculate for you!)
  • Ensure cylinder ≤ 0.75D
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Step 2 Watch Video
  • Utilize Sensory Method to maximize binocular summation (+1.50 blur tolerance test)
  • Remember, sensory dominance and sighting dominance may differ up to 40% of the time.2
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Step 3 Watch Video
  • Prescribe minimum plus for functional near vision
  • Avoid prescribing additional plus in the add, as is occasionally done in progressive spectacle lenses
Selecting the Right Lens Selecting the Right Lens
Quick and Easy! Selecting the Right Lens Avoid common missteps by using our digital fitting
calculator**. Simply input the patient's measurements
to receive the recommended first pair of lenses, and
the lenses needed to improve near or distance if
needed, for all ACUVUE® MULTIFOCAL brands.
Visit Digital Fitting Calculator Access Fitting Calculator Looking for our paper fit guide? Download here
Drive Greater Success Optimizing the Conversation with your Patient
Hear from private practice owner, Dr. Jason Pingel, on the importance of having the right conversation with patients.