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One Series UltraTM Delivery System

One Series UltraTM Delivery System


Reliable Control Meets Ease of Use

The One Series UltraTM Delivery System offers steady control with its intuitive, syringe-style insertion method. With its easy-to-operate design, both the cartridge and the handpiece provide optimal stability for lens insertion.

The One Series UltraTM Delivery System helps provide easy lens insertion and handling.

  • Microtip allows for lens delivery into the capsular bag through an unenlarged phaco incision
  • Ergonomic cartridge grip facilitates secure handling for positioning the lens into the inserter
  • Specially designed canopy assists in folding the leading haptic
  • Forceps-friendly loading zone allows easy introduction of the lens into the cartridge

The inserter’s unique design helps ensure optimal control in delivery.

  • Y-tip plunger rod assists in lens manipulation
  • Cartridge lock allows for secure loading in the correct position

One Series UltraTM Delivery System

Compatible With

TECNIS® Acrylic 1-Piece IOLs

Incision Size

2.8 mm

Delivery System



Rear-loading cartridge


Rx Only


The DK7786 handpiece with the One Series UltraTM cartridge implantation system is used to fold and assist in inserting TECNIS® 1-Piece intraocular lenses (IOL), ONLY into the capsular bag.


Do not use the handpiece if the rod tip appears nicked or damaged in any way.


The DK7786 handpiece with the One Series UltraTM cartridge implantation system should only be used with TECNIS® 1-Piece IOLs. Do not use if the cartridge tip is cracked or split prior to implantation. Never release the plunger until the optic body has been completely released from the cartridge tube. The lens and cartridge should be discarded if the lens has been folded within the cartridge for more than 5 minutes. If the IOL is not properly placed in the cartridge, the IOL may be damaged and/or implanted upside down. Do not attempt to modify or alter this device or any of the components, as this can significantly affect the function and/or structural integrity of the design. Use of methylcellulose viscoelastics is not recommended as they have not been validated with this implantation system. Do not implant lens if rod tip becomes jammed in the cartridge.


The use of viscoelastics is required when loading the IOL into the cartridge. For optimal performance use the HEALON® Family of Viscoelastics. Do not use balanced salt solution. The combination of low operating room temperatures and high IOL diopter powers may require a slower delivery. Do not use if any component of this implantation system has been dropped or inadvertently struck while outside of the shipping case. Do not store the cartridges at temperatures under 41°F (5°C) or over 86°F (30°C).


Reference the labeling for a complete listing of Indications and Important Safety Information.