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Benefits Of An Annual Supply


The Value of Purchasing an Annual Supply of Contact Lenses

Imagine your staff having more time to keep your practice running smoothly. Now imagine your patients feeling satisfied with the care and products you provide. You can make this a reality when you offer your patients the option to order an annual supply of their contact lenses.

Patient Benefit

Keep your patients healthy and happy by offering annual supplies of lenses. With this option, they can save time searching for a reputable place to purchase their contacts, and they can relax knowing they have enough lenses until their next exam.

As patients check out after their exam, they can pick up their contacts for the upcoming year. It’s quick and easy to schedule their next exam and order their contacts simultaneously, so it saves everyone time! If you don’t have their specific contact lenses in stock, ordering lenses is easy. Plus, they can be delivered directly to your patients when ordered directly from ACUVUE®.

See firsthand how easy it is to implement this time-saving step that can create a hassle-free year for your patients and your practice!

Practice Benefit

A happy patient can help make a successful practice. Your practice can offer promotions for patients who get on a regular contact lens replacement schedule. Saving time and money for you and your patients. You can’t put a price tag on that!

One-stop shopping for contact lenses and patient exams also helps increase staff efficiencies—no individual patient lens ordering, no more monthly inventory, and no contacting patients to pick up lenses.

J&J Vision waives shipping fees when your practice orders four or more boxes, and it promises a Money Back Guarantee. You can relax and focus on your practice knowing you have a trusted supplier of contact lenses, as well as a high sales capture rate. This also can help create a reduction in patients who shop around and a decrease in the lenses that never get picked up. 

Talk with Your Patients in Three Easy Steps

  1. Start the conversation in your exam room as you discuss your patient’s contact lens wear schedule. Once you assess their lens needs, initiate a conversation that includes the cost savings as well as the convenience of always having a new set available when he or she needs it.
  2. Make sure to mention the discount available by purchasing more lenses upfront, and remember to mention the patient rebate (if available). If you experience any pushback or hesitation, emphasize the price difference if purchased in smaller quantities. 
  3. Remember to use appealing language to help patients understand their eligibility for an annual supply. Informing them that they are "approved for an annual supply" may help motivate them to purchase.