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Staff Training

Exclusive Online Learning Program for Optical Staff

Published on Aug 22, 2018
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Expand your eye health knowledge with the ACUVUE® Certified Staff Program

Expand your eye health knowledge with the ACUVUE® Certified Staff Program.  Patients trust you with one of their most valued senses—their sight. You play an integral role in protecting their eyes and shaping their vision correction decisions on a daily basis. We know you continually seek to enhance your knowledge and grow in your position. So, to support your efforts, Johnson & Johnson Vision has created a new ACUVUE® Certified online learning experience just for staff member’s specific needs.

The program consists of four bite-sized courses and an interactive eye model. After successfully completing the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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ACUVUE® Certified Staff Program Topics include:

Contact Lens Conversations in Practice

Contact Lens Conversations
in Practice

Having trouble finding opportunities to introduce contact lenses to your patients? Improve your conversations with patients about contact lenses by reviewing common patient misconceptions and by walking through scenarios that will help you respond and ensure the conversation remains educational and mutually beneficial.

The Purpose and Power
of Contact Lenses

Do your patients realize the positive impact contact lenses could have in their lives? Explore the practical and emotional benefits of contact lenses for your patients and learn to identify how a patient’s lifestyle can influence what benefits they value most.

Fundamentals of Contact Lenses
Fundamentals of Contact Lenses

Fundamentals of
Contact Lenses

Are your patients overwhelmed by the variety of choices in contact lenses? Review the different materials, designs, and modalities of contact lenses in order to identify and connect the best lens types to your patients’ needs.

Teaching your Patients Wear & Care: A Guide to Best Practice

Learning how to become a contact lens wearer can be a daunting process. This course will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to confidently deliver an excellent training, set the right expectations, help you stand out among your colleagues, and contribute to the growth of your practice.

Teaching your Patients Wear & Care
Virtual Eye Model

3D Virtual Eye Model

Learn basic eye anatomy with this 3D interactive eye model.


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Please note this course is not endorsed by a professional body and does not grant CPD points.